Widerberg & Ko

We are an artisan bakery with one foot in the city and the other steady in the soil of the Scanian countryside. Our idea is as honest as it is simple. It is about small scale production, locally grown and produced ingredients chosen with great care, a genuine know-how and a deeply felt passion for sustainability.

But none of this would have happened without the true heroes – the Scanian cows. From their milk we separate cream and make our own butter – the gold of the bakery. It is of great importance to us to have control over every step of the production, from the milk of the cows in the Scanian countryside, to the finished bread.

We greet you in the premisses that used to host Widerbergs Kött & Chark, a legendary and much loved deli and meat shop. Here at Sankt Petri kyrkogata in Lund and at Davidhallstorg in Malmö, the city meets the countryside, tradition meets retro-innovation, tastes and experiences, and we meet you.

Welcome to Widerberg & Ko!

Opening hours Lund

Tuesday to Friday 07-16
Saturday 08.00-16.00
Sunday 08.00-14.00

Sankt Petri kyrkogata 5


Opening hours Malmö

Tuesday to Friday 07.30-15.00
Saturday 08.00-16.00
Sunday 08.00-16.00

Davidshallstorg 5